Thursday, November 08, 2007

After the Marathon

After crossing the line I was totally psyched. I was tired, but not destroyed. I knew I'd done well.

I think the first thing I got was the heat sheet. Strangely, I knew the girl giving out the heat sheets. I remembered her telling me in the past how she really loved watching the marathon. I guess she signed up to volunteer this year, and there she was. It was kind of cool seeing a familiar face at that time.

A few steps later I got my medal, and then recognized one of the runners. 38,000 runners, and there's a good friend of mine ten feet in front of me! (This was the guy who took the late ferry. He'd gotten to the start area at 9:55, and since he had a blue bib, he still started the race way before me.) We made our way out of the park together, and met up with his family.

After chatting for a bit, I headed back to Akiva's apartment. I remembered going down the subway stairs in 2005 and was dreading them. But they weren't so bad. Not easy, but manageable. Another sign of how much better trained I was this time.

I got back to his apartment, and found this sign on the door.


I took a totally awesome shower, and then relaxed for a bit. Then some great friends of mine went out for dinner with me. Last time I'd collapsed at the end, and was pretty much out of commission for a week. So it was nice to be able to spend the evening with friends this time.

I'm still on a high....


Blogger David H. said...

I've enjoyed reading your (2nd) marathon journey! You've given me hope that I won't fall over at the end and be worthless for a couple of days.

Friday, November 09, 2007  
Blogger Darrell said...

"I'm still on a high...." and you deserve to be.

I'm still super impressed at your improvement over last time. Maybe I should try out whatever you did to get you there.

Friday, November 09, 2007  

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