Sunday, December 10, 2006

Miss me?

It's been two weeks since I posted, but at least it's only been one since I ran. I'm not sure how last week totally got blown, but the cold weather had something to do with it. (That, and my laziness.)

I've really been slacking since the Philly half. I did some speedwork last week, and 6 miles on Sunday. Then this week nothing, until another 6 today. I was actually supposed to race this morning, but my friend had a baby boy last week, and guess what? Another circumcision for me to attend. (I should really start actually doing them, so I can make some money while I'm there!)

So anyway, once I was done stuffing my face after the ceremony, I finally dragged myself out to run. It was a perfect day for running. Another one of the students here was interested in running, so I met up with him. I probably would have bailed on the running if not for him, so I was glad he came. The only trouble is that he's like 6-foot-15 or something, and definitely faster than me. He tried to slow down and let me set the pace, but I definitely found myself pushing harder than normal. Combined with the week off, I was really struggling towards the end.

Note the really positive splits. Not my usual set of splits. Compare them with those from last week's identical run:

(there's often a bump in mile 3 related to my turning around, and the GPS not recording that point correctly.)

Anyway, it was good to get back out there. I'll have to get a few short runs in this week to try and maintain my fitness.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh I'll have to tell you about my med student friend who went to get a mohel license. It was quite funny - every step of the way, from finding someone to apprentice to, to having to actually take an eye test (which he failed, and had to go get glasses)!

As it turns out, it *does* look like you are at the institution where I'll be headed. I'll drop you an email. I really should set up an account just for my blog...I was just trying to stay anonymous.

Sunday, December 17, 2006  

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