Monday, February 04, 2008


I didn't run all week, although I did do some other exercising. Sunday was a 4 mile race in the park. I had planned to do a long run on Friday but it was puring all day. I scrapped that run, but decided to put in some extra miles before the race. I woke up too early for a Super Bowl Sunday, but got 5.5 miles in before the race. I ran with a couple of friends, so it was nice. (3 trips to the bathroom in 5.5 miles. Maybe I shouldn't have had a coffee on the way to the park. But it was cold!)

The race itself was 4 miles. I started up close to the front and got off to a fairly quick start. A lot of people there, but I didn't feel too much traffic effect. I did however feel tired.

My splits:

Finish time: 30:05, for a 7:31 pace.

I had a little energy for a finishing kick, but not much. (If I had known at the time that I was 5 seconds away from that arbitrary number, I might have pushed a little harder.)

In other news, I updated my sidebar. I updated the blogs I read, as well as some of the links. I've also included a few new (or recycled) things. From top to bottom, they are:

The Colon Cancer Challenge. This is an event I run every year. It is a Road Runners event, which raises money for Partners In Prevention. This is an organization that supports public awareness, and increases availability of screening for colorectal cancer. Colon cancer is essentially a preventable disease, and instead, it affects 150,000 Americans a year. The organization is also involved in research. This is something that I see almost every day at work, and so it ties into two facets of my life, running and medicine. I've run all previous 4 events, and this will be my second year putting together a team of runners. I'm looking forward to a big turnout and successful fund raising. I'll be keeping a tab of my personal fund raising total, and posting it in the sidebar. Please consider making a donation here.

Next is my weight loss goal. Although I run almost 50 miles in January, it was a decrease from the previous months. And of course, I continued to eat the same as before. And so unfortunately, some of my pants have gotten tight again. Rather than get new pants, I've made a commitment to get the weight back off in the next two months.

Finally, a little lower down, I've added links to some of the products I talk about in the blog. I've become an Amazon associate. I don't expect to quit my day job, but I feel like I've referred a few people over the years to buy things here and there. If I get a check for 10$ from them one day, I'll have one more happy day.


Blogger David H. said...

I too have had an issue with the pants feeling a bit tighter with not running as much. I had hoped not to go through it again this year, but these next couple of months I am determined to shed those few pounds that have crept back.

Monday, February 04, 2008  
Anonymous Barry G said...

My splits were like 9:26 8:47 9:13 8:22. I guess that is what a lack of hill training does.

Thursday, February 07, 2008  

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