Friday, June 13, 2008


Went out again this morning, and I'm really struggling. I meant to run more but I could barely make it for 5 miles. I had to take a break halfway. And they weren't even that fast, about 9 minute miles.

Still not sure if it's he heat or deconditioning. (I also need new shoes.) Either way, I've got to get out there more often.

At least I'm doing better than this tree blocking my running path this morning:

We had a major storm a few nights ago, and there were trees down all over. Considering how old this tree looked, it's kind of sad. But I guess that's just nature...

In good news, I think it's supposed to cool down a touch, into a nice weekend. (Although there may be some isolated thunderstorms.) Currently, it's "partly cloudy and 79". I'll take it!


Blogger Barry Garner said...

Don't get dejected. My first run in the heat was much like yours. Now after two weeks of acclimating myself its gotten much better. Just push through it and get out there and you'll be used to it sooner than you think.

Thursday, June 19, 2008  

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