Friday, May 16, 2008

Since the last episode....

The weather has occasionally been nice, and I've occasionally run outside. Mostly the loop in Central Park. I've definitely had a hard time of running more than that.

4/30 - 6 miles in Central Park
5/2 - 5.25 miles on treadmill (tempo)
5/4 - 6.55 miles on treadmill (not tempo)
5/7 - 10.22 miles in neighborhood (nice. break at halfway point.)
5/9 - 3.3 miles on treadmill (intervals of 0.25. first time on a treadmill)
5/11 - 6.03 miles in Central Park

Earlier this week I went back to the track. I'm still not on a training schedule and so I made up a workout. 4 x 1200m with 400m intervals. I was terrible. It was about 70 degrees, but a little breezy, so it didn't feel too bad. I just kept running out of energy.

Here are my splits, with each of the laps.

4:59 (1:38, 1:40, 1:41)
5:01 (1:33, 1:40, 1:48)
5:05 (1:36, 1:43, 1:46)
5:18 (1:40, 1:50, 1:48)

I was so upset at how I just couldn't hang on. I looked up the last time I ran 1200's and it seems I ran them in about 5:04. But those were in sets of two, with only a short break in between. I can't get too crazy over it, but my fitness has definitely declined. AS opposed to my weight...

Fortunately, my down mood didn't last too long. My old roommate made the trip out for some tennis. First game of the season! After a long winter it was so good to be out there in the nice weather. (I've got to work on that as well. I let him take a set off me!)

Today the weather sucks again, and I skipped my run. I'll try and get a tempo run in on the treadmill later, though I'm feeling pretty tired.

Sunday's my birthday. Another year gone by. It's been a pretty good year, but I hate seeing that number creep up again. Not much I can do. (Even if I wanted to forget it I couldn't - my facebook wall is already attracting traffic!)

Next week is the American Heart Association Wall Street Run. I missed it last year due to injury, but I ran it the year before with ShoreTurtle. This year we're scheduled for another reunion, so I'm really looking forward to that. The race itself is sold out, and I'm sure will be a zoo. But it's always good to see the Turtle. (A turtle at the zoo... that's kind of funny. Eh, Maybe not.)

Have a good weekend all!


Blogger Darrell said...

Not so bad with the intervals.

Enjoy your run with the Turtle.

Saturday, May 17, 2008  
Blogger Rae said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had a great one!

Saturday, May 24, 2008  

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