Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bad News

I sprained my ankle on Friday.

I was less than a mile into my planned 6 mile run when I got to an intersection I always hate crossing. The traffic lights weren't working, and the cars were all out of control. So instead of paying attention to where I was going, I was looking at the cars and trying to figure out how to cross the street. I stepped off the curb without realizing it, and turned in my ankle. Ouch! I collapsed in the road and screamed in pain. I was lucky Akiva was there with me, since no cars pulled over to see if the guy writhing on the ground in pain might be having a problem.

It took a few minutes before I could take stock of what happened. The pain settled down a bit, and I kind of figured it wasn't broken. I even thought of trying to finish the run. But then I took a few steps, and I realized I was done. I tried to get Akiva to go ahead with the run, but he walked me home instead. I was about a mile from home, and it took about a half hour. A painful half hour.

When I got home I iced my ankle. Then it really started hurting. I considered going to the ER for some X-rays, but really wasn't in the mood for the hassle. I was pretty certain there was no fracture. Also, the Sabbath was starting soon, and I didn't feel like spending it in the ER.

So instead I made a few calls, and rustled up a pair of crutches. I wrapped up my ankle in an ACE bandage, and spent the next 36 hours or so on crutches. I've been icing frequently, and I'm also taking Motrin. My ankle has been wrapped almost the entire time to keep the swelling down. I'm really sticking to the RICE thing. I'd probably still be on crutches if they weren't killing the sides of my body.

Anyway, my ankle still hurts, but I think I'll be alright. It's now just a matter of how much time I'll need to be off it. I wanted to run this marathon in 2 weeks, and that's really the issue. My run Friday was cut short, and my run today is canceled. I'm in the taper period, but I don't want to completely lose my conditioning either. I guess I'll know over the next few days whether the marathon is still possible. I didn't think I was going to breeze through it anyway, so I'm not devastated. But I'm upset.

(It's also upsetting that Friday was the nicest day to run in 6 months and I couldn't run. This whole weekend is beautiful and I can't really take advantage of it.)

Anyway, what's the point of injuries if you can't take pictures and post them on your blog? So here you go. (Hope you enjoy them more than I do.)

about an hour post-injury. already swelling.

24 hours later. the marked area is swelling that's not on the other side.

bruising at 36 hours.



Blogger Jon (was) in Michigan said...

OW! That sucks!

Rest is a good idea in this situation.

Do you have access to a gym? Maybe you can maintain cardio fitness by riding a stationary bike and not putting pressure on the bad ankle. It sounds awkward and crazy but ya gotta do something. What about one of those rotary-arm cardio machines?

Hope that ankle heals soon!

Sunday, April 22, 2007  
Blogger rivkayael said...

yes, agree with Jon. i stopped running for about 3 months. during that time was pretty consistent with the elliptical and weights--finally got out for a 4 miler last Friday. was stunned at how speed and stamina was maintained (and at an easier effort than when i was constantly running! go figure.). will this work for a taper? don't know, but definitely worth a shot.
all being said, wishing you a refuah shleima.

Sunday, April 22, 2007  
Blogger LeahC said...

ooooh that sucks! since you are in taper mode i agree with the above. rest rest rest your ankle so that you'll be go to go on marathon day. feel better!

Sunday, April 22, 2007  
Blogger ShoreTurtle said...

Rest up Dan!

It's good that Akiva was with you. I was beginning to think that he was lost somewhere in Philly. The last post he had was about the Philly marathon.

Monday, April 23, 2007  

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