Sunday, July 08, 2007

A hot week

It was hot last week, and it's getting hotter. On the bottom of my Firefox browser I have an add-on which shows me the weather for the next few days. Usually, on sunny days it shows a sun. For the next two days it's showing a hot thermometer!


As per the FIRST plan I did a "3+2" week. That's 3 runs, with 2 crosstraining days. (I've started to cycle for crosstraining, but I'll talk about that some other time. Still scared as hell on a roadbike, but I'm getting more comfortable. Well actually, not all of me is comfortable...)

Tuesday was speedwork day. As I still have a couple of weeks before official marathon training starts, I kind of made up this workout. 5x800m with 200m rest intervals. According to the tables, I should be running a 3:32 split for 800m. Here's how I did:

3:15 (too fast)
3:17 (still too fast)
3:26 (better)

A touch fast, but I felt comfortable at that level. In a couple of weeks I have a 5K race. If I can set a new PR, all of my goal paces will change with it. (Of course, if the heat stays like it is, all bets are off.)

Friday was tempo day. I was too lazy to run in the morning, and I was then forced to run in the afternoon, in the mid 80's. Again, I made up a workout. 1 easy, 5 at long tempo pace, and 1 easy. My long tempo pace should have been about 8:20. This one didn't go so well.

9:35 (easy)
7:39 (way too fast, but I didn't know it at the time)
7:49 (had to stop. couldn't keep this up.)
10:55 (walking, and then easy)
8:13 (another 3/4 mile at 7:42 pace, at which point my running partner gave up)

Ok, so I still need practice on pacing myself for those middle distances. I have a Garmin, but it wasn't registering well at the time, and I didn't trust it when it was.

Today was the long run. 10 miles at marathon pace + 30 seconds. Again, according to the book that's 9:15. (8:45 pace for the marathon!?) Anyway, I tried getting started early, but ended up being a little late. I ran up the West Side Highway with Akiva this morning, and ended up starting around 8:40. It was already too hot.

The average for the run was 9:27. I started out a little slow, then sped up to about 9:20. Mile 5 had this steep incline which slowed me down, after which I turned around. I slowed down again coming back down the incline, and then returned to about a 9:20 pace. Not bad, considering the heat. The only down sides were a) I was exhausted, and b) my right knee started hurting again at about mile 7 or 8. It's ok now, but it was a little concerning. I haven't been putting in too many more miles, but they have been more intense. I'll have to keep on eye on that.

For those of you that are interested (and I'm not sure why you would be!), I've put my training schedule on my sidebar. It's in google calendar form, and clicking the button will bring up a HTML copy. Clicking on each individual event will bring up the details of that particular workout.


Blogger Darrell said...

That's cool that you are giving the FIRST program a try. I will be interested to read how it works out for you.

All of you will get more comforatable on the bike as time goes by. LOL

Monday, July 09, 2007  
Blogger ShoreTurtle said...

Good job on the 10 miler.

The track work and the tempo runs are going to improve your 5K time. If not the hot 5K, you will set a PR in the Fall.

Monday, July 09, 2007  
Blogger lynchburgrunner said...

Every blog I seem to read keeps talking about this heat. It seems lately that it's too hot to even think about running!

Thursday, July 12, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Sunday, August 26, 2007  

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