Sunday, August 23, 2009

Still weekend warrior-ing

...and it's not a good thing.

So from my last run of 12.19 2 weeks ago, I ran once in the first week 3.69 miles. Then 13.30 on the weekend. This week I did nothing. Zero. And then 15.77 miles today. I wonder why it's so hard!!

Anyway, here are some graphs for the purpose of analysis.

Last week's run:

In the first graph each bar is a "lap". And so the short bars are when I was running. They all kind of seem the same height, but over time I was walking more and taking longer walking breaks. The second graph shows the splits by mile. You can see how the time for each mile increased as the run went on.

It was really hot last week, and very hard to stay out there so long. This week I tried to get out earlier. I ended up waking up early, but I just can't get out the door. I watch the end of the marathon in Berlin today (too bad about Kara Goucher) and just futzed around until it was late. Within about 5 minutes of running it started drizzling - which was actually nice. Most of the run was bearable, but the last hour was really hot and unbearable again.

Three graphs this time. The first one is the laps. The second one shows the running laps in closer detail. You can see that I was able to keep the running time even up until those last few "laps". In the third graph you can see I was doing pretty well through about 14 miles. (The dips on 10 and 12 was when I was feeling a bit stronger and went a little more than a mile without a walk break.) The last two miles was when the heat got to me and I was walking about as much as I was running. I couldn't keep up the running for more than half a mile at a time - even though I was only a couple of miles from home.

Anyway, I was happier this week, but I definitely need to get some mid week running in. I'm taking a few days off this week, so it looks a little more promising.

In other news, Shoreturtle celebrated his 5th year of running anniversary (and 1000th post!). This made me look my first post up, since I knew it was in August. Well, it turns out my first post was on his 1st running anniversary. And so this blog is officially 4 years old. ( I'm only up to 335 posts. Like many other things, this blog has become a little less productive as it aged. But hopefully it still has some value!) In any case, Happy Blogiversary to me!


Blogger Jank said...

It's all good.

This has been a miserable couple of weeks - I know at one time I was a southern-kind-of-guy, but now, anything over 80 kills me, especially if there's humidity.

Sunday, August 23, 2009  
Blogger Darrell said...

On the one hand consistency is key, on the other you do what you can. I guess anything is better than a zero.

Monday, August 24, 2009  
OpenID runningbecauseican said...

Interesting ... just don't hurt yourself out there.

Thursday, August 27, 2009  

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