Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I'm Back

Well, I made it back from the holidays. Over the 10 times I managed to run 3 times. (Which is not bad considering that 5 days were religious holidays with running not an option.) The first two were as previously mentioned, on the treadmill. The last one was a beautiful 6 mile run on the "Belt Line". I didn't bring a camera, but it's a really nice place to run. Here's a couple of pictures I found online which gives you a sense:

I guess there weren't too many leaves yet, but it felt like the first picture, since it was a really sunny day. I also ran with my brother which was pretty cool. He really only got into running recently, having run a half-marathon in the winter. (And I'm not sure he would say he's "into" running - but I'm working on it.) I knew I was keeping him back for most of the run, and so in the last mile I let him finish up on his own. He ran ahead, but came back to finish with me anyway. It was a really good run.

Today I did a little shopping, and it was right next to a pizza store. I must admit I tried to get some pizza, but the post-Passover rush was on. It wasn't worth waiting in line. I ended up going home and putting in another 4 miles, and had a smallish dinner later.

Tomorrow morning is my official weigh-in after the holidays. I think I did well, and I'm curious (anxious?) to see the number.


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