Thursday, April 22, 2010


This is my weight goal and progress. (Courtesy of Though I started over a month ago, I've really focused more on my eating the last week or so. It's nice to see a little progress. (2 pounds per box in that graph, so I'm down 7 so far.)

I also checked my cholesterol this week. Not great. (Not horrible, but should be better.) I hope to keep up the weight loss and exercise, and then recheck it in the summer. In the meantime I had an avocado for dinner. (Lots of garlic and salt - nothing wrong with my blood pressure!)

In other food related news, Gatorade is finally kosher. For the first time I went to buy some. My preference would have been to get the G2, which is less calories. But my guess is that the stuff they'll give at races will still be the original, in lemon-lime flavor. So that's what I went with, and I'm interesting to see how it goes. I'm planning on running 86 miles on Sunday now that I've got this stuff...

Anyway, I'm still running. Did some traveling last week, but managed to get in 3 runs for 17 miles. So far this week I've run twice, so I'm hanging in there. I'm just trying to build up some "base" miles before beginning marathon training in earnest a few months from now. (I'm also trying to be careful not to overtrain and get hurt.)

Now back to NHL Playoffs...


Anonymous David H. said...

Sounds to me like you've got a good plan going. Nice to have you back.

Thursday, April 22, 2010  
Blogger Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Nice job, Danny! It gives me some inspiration to get my butt on track again for losing the weight. I have a graph like that right now, but its inverted. :(

Gatorade is Kosher? I thought the corn syrup was a problem. Does this mean the powdered Gatorade is Kosher too?

Friday, April 23, 2010  
Blogger Andrew is getting fit said...

Great progress. Let's hope you keep on track!

Saturday, April 24, 2010  

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