Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Quick post

I've thought about a bunch of things to blog about today, and I have more pictures, but it takes too long to make a nice looking post. So here's a shorter, crappy one.

I haven't been slacking too bad. I did get in the swimming on Monday night. Yesterday I did some heavy duty cycling (10.7 miles in 30 minutes) and another swim workout. I think I made a breakthrough on the breathing. It's still not good, but I've figured out I have to roll my body further to get to the air. (If that makes any sense to you!) Anyway, I didn't put in too many laps (around 24 I think), but I think I made progress.

Today I put in a hard run on the treadmill. While running outside I can go (or used to be able to go) for 20 miles at the same pace. On the treadmill I get extremely bored. I feel like I need to make some sort of change every half mile. Mind you, there are settings for hills and "random" changes, I just wasn't in the mood for them when I started. Anyway, last time I kept upping the speed. This time I upped both the speed and the incline. I was running at 7mph at an incline of 3.0. At this point I was a little over 2 miles in, and I decided to see how high I could get my heart rate. Kind of an experiment to see where my maximum heart rate (MHR) would be around. I had gotten to 8mph, after lowering the incline to 2.0, when the time "ran out". When I started the machine said that the maximum time is 30 minutes, but I assumed I could just start it up again. Nope. It slowed down to 3mph and a 0 incline, for my "cooldown". I was right in the middle of my "experiment" and didn't want to slow down. I was so mad - I think I was verbally abusing the machine at this point. (I'd go into more details, but it's embarrassing.)

Anyway - did you notice I use that word a lot? - I finally got the thing going again, but I had to build up my HR again. I put it back to an incline of 2.0 and sarted from 7mph. I gradually increased it, until I ran a short distance at 9mph. Then I grabbed the HR sensor. "Running while holding the sensor is not recommended." The first time you hold on to the sensor it tells you this. Usually that's near the beginning of your run, and the 10 seconds it takes to scroll that message across the display is not an issue. Not so at 9mph, at the edge of maximal exertion. Very annoying. Anyway - there it goes again! - I finally got an answer. 182. I've seen my HR as high as 172 in the past, but this was new territory. I don't think I was at absolutely maximal exertion, and I probably could have pushed it a tad higher. The usual formula given is that MHR is 220 - age, which would give me a MHR of 188. It seems like that's probably a pretty accurate number in my case. Cool.

(BTW, I checked out the machine a little bit after my workout. I found a way where you can set a "target distance" between 1 and 50 miles. I'm assuming the time limit is lifted on that setting. I'll try that next time.)

So with all that exercise I should be turning into an Olympian. Too bad about the wedding on Sunday, the all-you-can-eat on Monday, and the sheva brachos party tonight. I've realized that it's dinner that kills me. I had only 800 calories all day until dinner, and that's with burning about 600 in the gym. With a sensible dinner I'd be okay. But then there's all this good food, and brownies, and sorbet. Sigh...

Tomorrow I have a circumsion in the morning (more food!) and then some meetings in the morning. I hope to have time to make it to the pool later in the day.

I'll try and post some pictures in the next post.


Blogger Curly Su said...

wow. you have events up the wazoo...

awesome bike ride--that's freaking FAST!

Thursday, February 16, 2006  
Blogger LeahC said...

I have the same problem with food. I don't think I am eating enough during the day and then I get home and I'm starving. Working out too much and eating too little in the daylight hours aren't seeming to work.

Good job on getting the swimming technique down.

Thursday, February 16, 2006  
Blogger Rae said...

"tom I have a circ. in the morning" - that's a string of words we've never said! Is that you going as a friend of the family or performing the ceremony?

Have a great weekend!

Friday, February 17, 2006  

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