Friday, March 10, 2006

Houston, we have a problem

Yesterday, I finally got back to the pool. It was somewhere about a million degrees in the pool, and really tough to actually swim. (It's perfect for lounging around, and dog-paddling, but for swimming it was way too hot.) I persisted though, and got in 1000 yards. I'm getting the hang of it, but I was exhausted at the end.

In the shower, I noticed a bump on my left shin. (Speaking as a surgeon, I'll admit it's better to find a bump than a lump, but it was annoying nonetheless.) It was on the inner side, where I usually get my shin splints, but maybe a little higher. Right away I was worried about a stress fracture. Point tenderness on the shin is one of those red flags.

I wasn't planning on running until the weekend, so I kind of left it. Then at nighttime, I realized I was black and blue there. I don't remember hitting it, so now I'm really worried about the stress fracture thing. It definitely hurts when I press on it, but otherwise my walking isn't painful at all. Even my last run on the treadmill wasn't bad. So I'm worried, but I'm not sure. I can never tell if I'm doing the right thing and "listening to my body", or if I'm being oversensistive and focusing on little nothings.

Sexy, right? It's a little more pronounced today, but I don't have time for more body shots.

The problem is I kind of have to run this weekend. As of this moment, there are 538 reasons why I have to run this weekend, and I'm still hoping for more. So my plan is to run, and not race. If I have any pain, that will turn into a walk.

In my non-running news section, I've been busy preparing for the weekend. In the Bronx there's not a lot of retail kosher stores. Fortunately, there are a few little known places around here.

First the kugel factory. For those of you who don't know what kugel is, the usual translation of "pudding" really doesn't do it justice. It's really a great side dish, and will really make the little party we're throwing that much better. Instead of just serving candy and cookies, there will be some hot "food" at the party as well.

Anyway, what's cool about the kugel factory, is that it's kind of a secret. I lived here for more than 5 years before ever visiting it. The outside is pretty much unmarked, and you don't know you're in the right place until a Hasidic man answers the door. (In the Bronx!)

From L to R: Eastchester Auto Body, Gunhill Collision, "secret" kugel factory

front door

the "factory"

noodle kugel, potato kugel. mini eggrolls on top. (note the "institutional use only"!)

Next up was the cookie factory. What's up with all these factories?

And finally, the concert(s) at night. We started out in my friend's apartment with the Lonesome Travelers, who are the guitarists for the band Cowboy Mouth. It's really pretty awesome in such an intimate setting. I took some videos which I may try and post later.

That all took place while their opening band was playing. Afterwards we headed down to the Bowery Ballroom for the full Cowboy Mouth show. As usual it was awesome.

Wish me luck for Sunday, and have a great weekend!


Blogger Rae said...

Good luck in today's race, which is probably already over by now!

Those are some pretty frightening looking food factories! I would probably never wander in there on my own (without a recomm from someone else) which would totally be my loss! (This is our year of trying different places, reading different books, and making some other changes too!)

CM looks like a blast. Glad you enjoyed!

Oh, and I totally thing you were just dying to post a pic of a body part so you could get some "sexy legs" comments! =) Let me send some freak commenters your way..... =)

Sunday, March 12, 2006  
Blogger Susan said...

Good liuck today! I'm a little scared at those factory pics. Nice leg btw!

Sunday, March 12, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


That photo of your leg "bump" looks frighteningly suspicous, very much the same way my tibia looked during my stress fracture recovery period; where the bone was remodeling.

I have X-rays, Bone Scans and even an MRI of my tibia's (both) when I was recovering (at one point my PCP was worried about bone cancer...thus his request for the MRI).

Hopefully, that's not the same kind of bump...I guess the question is: is the "bump" soft tissue? Does it respond to ice and anti-inflammatories?

If not, it's probably the bone...the only question then is how long the bone has been remodeling and can it handle loading!

Congrats on your run.

- Steve Runner

Monday, March 13, 2006  
Blogger Danny said...

for the record, the bump and the bruising are getting better. it's still there, but the black and blue mark is gone, and it hurts much less.

i'm hoping i just banged it, and don't remember.

Monday, March 13, 2006  

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