Wednesday, March 08, 2006


There's no way I would have gone to the gym tonight if I hadn't said I was going for a run. And there's no way I would have pushed out all those miles if I hadn't said I'm going for a "good" run. So thanks!

I thought I finally figured out the treadmill, but once again it outsmarted me. In the past, the treadmill has forced me to put in a set time limit. If I didn't put one in, it would stop after 30 minutes. That's very annoying in the middle of a run. So by playing around with the buttons I thought I found a way around that. You can press "custom plus" and then set a distance goal. You can choose any amount of miles between 1 and 50.

So after entering "6" I was pretty sure I'd get to go 6 miles, before being forced into "cooldown" mode. Silly me. At 5.88 miles the machine straightened out and slowed down. (Have I mentioned how annoying that is?) I had a few theories, but it seemed to have happened at exactly 60 minutes. So maybe that's the maximum amount of time you're allowed. Considering that the goal distance can be up to 50 miles, it seems like they've designed the machine for some pretty fast runners!!

(I'm still hoping to beat the machine. It's the LifeStyle 9500 or 9700, if anyone has any suggestions.)

Anyway, that little blip aside, I had a pretty good run. I think it's been a pretty long time since I ran 6 miles. Although it was pretty boring on the treadmill, at least around mile 4 or so they finally put on some good music. I may have to start bringing my iPod. The only trouble is that I'm really worried about my ears if I'm going to increase the volume to overcome the already loud music in the gym. Usually the music's good, with a good beat, so it's generally not a problem.

My shins have been bothering me during the day, but I'm convinced it's because I've been wearing dress shoes all week. I hurt less while running, then it does while walking around in my shoes. Especially on stairs. I'm chalking this up as an "occupation related injury". (Should I get a lawyer?)

In other news my roommate's getting married this weekend. I don't remember if I mentioned that he was engaged. He got engaged the same day I ran the marathon, so it might have gotten overlooked. (For the record he came out to cheer me on, and then got engaged.) In any case, this Sunday is the wedding. The Saturday before usually includes a celebration for the groom. Since his family lives out of town he kind of did that last week. But we're going to repeat it this week anyway. Together with my other roommate, I'm making all the arrangements for it. Should be fun. (I can't take pictures on Saturday, but I'll get some at the wedding.)

So tomorrow I've got to make all these arrangements early, because of that concert I have at night. The band is really a lot of fun, but what's really cool is that the guitarists do these living room shows with just their acoustic guitars. They play songs and tell stories for a couple of hours. After several years of trying, they're finally going to do this in my friend's apartment. I'm really looking foward to it. (And I'll definitely have pictures of that!)


Blogger Curly Su said...

hehe...i love the big lebowski!

Thursday, March 09, 2006  
Blogger Rae said...

Very cool about the CM concert!

Dress shoes are a serious occupational hazard. Since I've gotten more serious about my running the stilettos & super clunky shoes are getting quite the break. If u figure out a way to sue let me know!!

Have fun with the wedding! Are you going to get a new roommate?

Thursday, March 09, 2006  
Anonymous Audrey said...

i am seriously concerned about my career and my inability to wear dress shoes b/c of all of my feet issues. ugh. i hate stupid social constructs. if it was the NORM to wear sneakers there would be a lot more comfortable and healthy feet around.

ps. i have an occupational injury too. sitting at my computer has resulting in all sorts of ergonomic related pains. hate finals.

Thursday, March 09, 2006  
Blogger ShoreTurtle said...

Good luck with your race!

Friday, March 10, 2006  

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