Monday, October 09, 2006


I'm back from Cleveland. Here's a few pictures of where I ran.

I got a lot of cute pictures of the family as well, but they're not so cool about me posting them here. (Shrug...)

I tried to run tonight, but after a mile or so I was having severe shin splints. I'm not sure what happened. I last ran on Friday and it went really well. Either way, I stretched and iced tonight, and I'll probably just try again tomorrow.

Incidentally, I got recognized tonight. Although I've been blogging over a year, and I've met about a dozen bloggers, tonight was the first time I was recognized on the road. Somebody running in the opposite direction stopped to ask me a "silly question" (those were her words): "Do you blog?"

It turns out she's a friend of this another blogger whose blog I frequent, and made the connection. It was actually kind of cool, and it's too bad she was going in the opposite direction, although she did run with Sara and me for a bit. (I suppose we could have run in her direction too, but my shins were really throbbing. She looked fast too.)

Anyway, if you're reading this post, thanks for recognizing me. Feel free to come out of the "lurker closet" and leave a comment!


Blogger yelbis said... friend told me she saw you. I noticed by your maps that you both run the same path, so I'm not surprised that you ran into each other. She would be tickled to know that you think she's fast!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006  
Blogger kivster said...

welcome back to NY - not that I am there. i am in really bad shape - having some really bad foot problems, barely been able to walk for the last couple of days. DDx: plantar fasciitis vs. march fracture, hope it's the former.

btw, check out the new icon i made for the einstein road runners, gonna try to make an animated gif for it. it's not too fantatstic, cute - spent a few minutes making it.

sorry to hear about the shin splints - think i had my first case of them on sunday - been doing a lot of stretching lately to try to avoid them in the future. i will talk to you when i am back.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006  
Blogger kivster said...

Btw, forgot to mention figure out how to get pictures very easily. From sport tracks - you can export to google earth which allows you to save a picture (it's under the file menu) - I think that's easier than using a 3rd party program.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006  

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