Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hello from Toronto

I'm here to spend (some of the) Holidays with my family. It's all just part of my hectic travel schedule in the next couple of weeks.

Prior to taking off yesterday, I managed to fit in my speedwork. The schedule called for a 1K, 2K, 1K, 1K. The 1K's were supposed to be in 4:20, and the 2K in 9:00. I still find myself running a bit fast, but maybe that's ok. I think I ended up with 4:14, 8:24, 4:10, and 4:13.

This morning I did my tempo run here in Toronto. I was scheduled for 1 easy mile, followed by 5 at 8:33. I ran a route that included the park trail I ran here last year. (Actually, it was exactly one year ago!)

I can't get my exact splits, but I took about 49 minutes for the whole thing. My guess is the first mile was about 9, followed by 5 eight minute miles. Once again, a little fast. It was actually pretty tough, as I made two loops of this very steep hill. I figured it was good for me.

Now comes 3 days of heavy duty eating, followed by the half marathon. As I've mentioned before, I'm not going to race this. (Ok, maybe a little. But I'm not going to go all out.) The marathon is my primary goal, and I don't want to jeapordize that.


Blogger David H. said...

I sure find in tough to not "race" when I'm in a race. I've looked at races this summer along the lines of a solid speed workout instead of a race. I'm doing a 30K "race" soon that has been labled a long training run for the marathon. Sounds much better!

Thursday, September 27, 2007  
Blogger Adeel Ahmad said...

I guess it's a little late now, but there's nothing wrong with racing a half marathon all-out five weeks before a marathon. It's a great way of seeing where you're at in your training, not to mention experience at running longer races.

Many of the guys who'll be at New York will run the Great North Run in England tomorrow.

Saturday, September 29, 2007  

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