Friday, August 31, 2007

Monthly "PR"

I finished off August today with 135.8 miles. Only the second time over 100 miles, and a "PR" by 24 miles. My total for the last two months was 247 miles! I'm currently at 630 miles for the year, and I now realize that if not for being injured earlier in the year, I'd be a lock for 1000 miles on the year. As it stands, it's still a possibility. Very cool...

(What's funny is that I'm following the "Run Less, Run Faster" training schedule. I've tried to tell some people about this - that it's not actually running less. At least not for me. I do only run 3 times a week, but the runs are intense, and the long runs are long. I'm feeling pretty good though...)

I ran my speed workout on Wednesday. The schedule called for 6 x 800m. My new target pace was 3:26. Here's how I did:
Pretty consistent, for me. I remembered something about "Yasso 800's". Apparently if you run 10 x 800m intervals, the speed at which you run each interval should match your marathon finish, in hours. I think with a little more training I could have run another 4 intervals at a similar speed. But I think running a BQ marathon (3:15 if I wait until next year) is still a ways off. (As in never!)

I ran my tempo run today. 1 mile easy, 6 miles at 8:11, and 1 mile easy. I came close, but 6 tempo miles are tough!

I seem to have got the second half in under the target, but the first few were a tad slow.

This Sunday is a rare day off for me, as I'm planning on running the 20K race in New Haven on Monday. I hope to play a little tennis and enjoy the weather.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Blogger Darrell said...

Nice monthly mileage. It is ironic that you are running more by running less.

Do doctors really get long weekends? Do they ever get weekends at all?

Saturday, September 01, 2007  

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