Sunday, December 14, 2008

Overdue Product Review - Sofsole

Right about the time I stopped blogging for four months, I got a few samples from Sofsole to try. My part of the deal was to review them, and I've always felt bad that I never held up my end. So even though I haven't heard from them in six months, I'm posting the review here.

I received two type of products: insoles and and socks. I'll review them separately.

Let's start with the insoles. They sent two types, one of which was their Adapt insole. This insole was supposed to have maximum cushioning, and be suitable for any arch. In fact, the idea was to mold it to your foot by heating it in the oven, before placing it in your shoe.

As you can see, I followed the instructions. The insoles felt comfortable while walking around my house, but when I ran they felt hard and unforgiving on my arch. To be fair, I had some plantar fasciitis at the time, but in any case, I switched over to the other insoles.

The other one they sent was their Athlete insole. These are supposed to provide maximum cushioning and be for a medium arch. I had always thought I had a high arch, which is what I told the company rep. (Having recently done the wet foot test, I'd say I have between a flat and a normal arch.) The insoles felt okay, but my shoes were old, so it was hard to say. I ended up using them for months, and only recently switched back. I'd say they are okay, especially given their low selling price. But after I switched back, I found I was happier with my old insoles. (Only problem with those is that I got them from an orthopedic surgeon, and I wasn't able to find them to get new ones.)

Socks. I got several pairs of their cushion socks. In contrast to the insoles which were just okay, the socks are great! I know it seems like a little thing, but I have running socks from several different companies, all of them in the 7$ a pair range. These socks, which sell 2 for $10 on Amazon, have become my favorite. I try to save them for long runs or races because I just love how they feel. I can feel the cushioning, even though they are not very thick. And also, they are very smooth without any seams.

And so in summary: Insoles - maybe nothing special, but probably okay for the price. Socks - amazing, and more than worth the price.


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