Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Shoes?

A little late, but I finally got another set of Nimbus 12's. I used them today on the track, and they were ok. I think. I got new socks as well, and didn't like those. Anyway, I'm not sure whether I should wear these or the old ones for the marathon.
The old ones have 350 miles on them. They don't bother me, but they're old. I figure the new ones will have better cushioning, and maybe help me feel stronger at the end of the day. But maybe they're too stiff, and I don't have enough time to break them in. (If I wore them for all my remaining runs scheduled, I'd have less than 30 miles on them at the start.)
So... any advice?

In other news, I've gone over 800 miles for the year. Considering that I didn't start until March, that's pretty cool. I'd love to break that (arbitrary) barrier of 1000 for the year - but it will be tough to do that after the marathon. I'm kind of burnt out as well.

And just to keep up with the obsession, here's the latest extended forecast.

If you compare this to how it looked a few days ago, you'll see that Marathon Sunday looks about the same. Of course, the three days before it have turned from sunny to rain - so you can see how inaccurate this is at this point.


Anonymous David H. said...

Shoes are made to run in out of the box. I've done a couple of half marathons in brand new shoes and not had problems. If you're worried about it, you could wear them around when you're walking around to "break them in" a bit more. Given the choice, I'd run in shoes with fewer miles for the marathon than ones with 350 miles.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010  
Anonymous keen shoes said...

Shoes are really a big part in running, that's why you have to choose the best shoes for you. Great that you have chosen yours. :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010  
Anonymous Fitness 21 said...

Hi, I recently got a new pair of racing shoes, a pair of Brooks T6 Racers but still havent worn them to a competitive race yet just a few training sessions. I was worried that as I am used to well cushioned bulkier shoes that these would give me problems, but so far I am loving them.

Initially I had tightness across the soul of my right foot which I put down to a high arch as these are racing flats.

Thursday, November 04, 2010  
Anonymous Julie Tolkin said...

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Tuesday, November 09, 2010  

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